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Attract A Squirrel

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Lindsay here again. Squirrels are a very easy animal to attract they love to eat at bird feeders. Squirrels are especially fond of corn. You can buy whole kernel corn at a feed store or at a farm that grows corn, you can buy cracked corn anywhere you buy bird feed. If you set up a feeder especially for squirrels you can set it right on the ground, that makes it easy to keep filled and the squirrels might stay away from your feeders that you have set up for birds. Nest boxes for squirrels are pretty easy to make and the squirrels really like them better than the nests that they make themselves. Nest boxes are fun to put up because you have a much better chance at watching baby squirrels when they come out to play.


Grey squirrels have 2-4 babies per litter and usually have two litters each year, They are born in the spring and early fall. Squirrels are found on every continent except Australia and Antartica They have sharp eyesight and wide vision They always descend trees head first The main natural enemy to squirrels are weasels , foxes , coyotes, bobcats, birds of prey and owls. Gray squirrels strip bark because they like to eat the soft sap part of a tree.

Squirrels in Your Bird Feeder Tips

  1. Keep  your bird feeders if they are free standing at least 15 feet from something the squirrel can jump from

  2. You can put Vaseline on the pole to help

  3. put a baffle on the pole

  4. Make the squirrel their own feeder of  corn, they like this better than bird seed, however be warned that house sparrows and starlings like corn too

  5. You can make a feeder for them out of peanuts they love these   but peanuts can get expensive

  6. Catch the squirrels in a havahart trap and remove them to somewhere else

  7. Don't hang your feeder in a tree it is impossible to keep them out

There are also tips on getting rid of other squirrel problems on my problems page if your answer is not found there just email my dad and he will solve it! There is also what to do with a found baby squirrel there.