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Attract A Fox

Hi this is Lindsay again!!! This is a red fox. Getting fox to come to your yard is a little more tricky than a deer .As with deer make sure you ask your parents for help. First fox mostly come out at night. But there are several ways you can get to see a fox. Red fox are very fond of fresh fish. If you place fresh fish at the edge of a brushy area , they will come to the site at early dawn or dusk. Another way is to attract mice which will attract fox (most parents don't like this method). To attract mice you can use cracked corn and or alfalfa or timothy hay left in a bale . Most people think they can't attract a fox but you would be surprised to know that red fox live in many suburban neighborhoods. An interesting fact about red fox is that both the mom and dad help to take care of the young.Foxes are really cool ! They are my dad's favorite animal and he knows everything about them. He can even call a fox by making a squeaking noise with his hand.

Nature Eye Notes

You look for fox along hedgerows, fence lines, around abandoned farm buildings, corners of fields where habitat changes, places where lots of mice are. Foxes usually always enter a field from the corner that is the best place to look for fox sign. Foxes like to walk along clear paths that are ahead of them. They don't like fields with high grass where they can't see ahead of them. They like to sleep on high gowned so they can see or with a tree behind them . They only use dens for having babies . Look for fox hair too. My dad can even smell a fox den and a fox if one is nearby! Fox tracks are easy to tell! They have a lot of hair on their feet, most dogs don't. Only dogs from cold climates like huskies have it and their tracks are a lot bigger than foxes. If you look close you will see the marks from the hair between the toes and pads if you do it's foxes! Fox tracks are only about 1 1/2 to 2 inches. Also foxes always walk in a straight line vs. a dog will be more indirect because they are always sniffing here and there

fox.jpg (13220 bytes)  A fox foot print . If you look very close you can see the hair

  twofox.jpg (16234 bytes) Fox tracks always have a front paw next to a rear paw. That is a quarter in the picture so you can see the size

 foxden.jpg (7316 bytes)

A fox den if you can't see it well you can click it to make it bigger


Sly as a Fox

Part of  a  Report I did for 4th grade science and I got an A+

What does this saying mean! Where does it come from? Why does a fox's eyes shine when light hits them? Read on and you will know too! Foxes are very interesting creatures. They are sly, cool and slick. Fast as a bullet a fox can escape from a farmer. That is not how it always happened. Farmers will kill them because foxes will kill their chickens. Usually a fox will only take one chicken and run away, unlike other animals such as weasels and skunks. They will kill them all and then start to feast. This is not such a good idea since the farmer can get them while they are there feasting....Now which is more sly.

The natural threat to foxes are eagles and coyotes. Foxes have an incredible abilities to protect themselves though. They have stupendous hearing. A fox can hear a watch ticking thirty feet away. A fox's ears can turn sideways to hear better . Actually a fox mostly hunts by sound not by sight. They also have an acute sense of smell. A fox can smell food that is buried four inches under ground. They are very cautious creatures.

A fox also has great eyesight.Their pupils are so large that when you shine a light at them the light reflects from the back of their eye, making them light up. They have something like a mirror in the back of their eye which reflects the light and enables them to see very well at night. When they see something coming they don't wait for it to get close . They immediately run. A fox can't run very fast but they can run far, that is why they leave instantaneously when they see something.

Foxes are a very beautiful animal. There are twelve different kinds of foxes. They each have a different color coat such as, white, grey or red. A cubs fur is wooly when it is born. A fox has a very bushy tail to help it balance. A red fox weighs about 10- 15 lbs.They appear much larger because of their dense coat and bushy tail. A fox's nose is always wet to tell which way the wind is coming from. He likes to stay down wind from anything suspicious so they can't smell him.

A fox can't growl. They can only bark or scream.They have long pointed front teeth for tearing and sharp side teeth for chewing. Foxes eat hedgehogs, voles, frogs, rabbits, birds, shellfish, mice,insects, grass and berries. A fox captures his prey by pouncing and trapping the prey with its front feet. Foxes also bury their food. An arctic fox was found with forty birds and many eggs in a hole.This would have last him two months. When they bury their food they disguise the hole they buried it in. The food they store is called a "cache"

Foxes live all over the world. They live in towns, suburbs, cities and woodlands. They are so cautious and sly they are rarely seen by people even when living so close. A fox will live in two different kinds of homes, dens and earths. The dens are a cool place to lie down I in the summer. An earth is a deeper hole in the ground for winter use and is where they have their young. Foxes are very territorial and mark their territory with a foul smelling liquid usually marking scent posts on trees.

Consider yourself lucky if you see a fox in the wild , consider yourself even luckier if you can attract one. They are that cautious . Another reason the old saying sly as a fox came into use. I have attracted them with my dad .. we see them mostly at night.. I do consider myself very lucky because they really are a very beautiful animal!!


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