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Attract A Raccoon

Hi your friend Lindsay here again. Raccoons are an easy animal to attract. Sometimes too easy. They are found everywhere even in some cities.  I attract raccoons mostly with tuna fish, cat food and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but they will eat anything that is sweet.  Since they are scavengers when they live near people they will eat almost anything.  I often attract them when I am trying to attract other animals.  They have even raided my bird feeders. If you have food , a spot for them to make a den and some water around you will have raccoons at your house too, even if you live in a city.

Raccoons  are nocturnal which means they come out at night.  And they tend to stay in their den in the winter , although they are not true hibernators, so wait for spring and summer, to try and see one.

I also plant a small corn field just for them. Which my deer like too. I can tell if it was raccoons in my cornfield because they usually knock down the entire stalk to get the ear of corn. They eat a little and knock down another.

If you have big old trees in your yard that have a cavity you probably have raccoons , if not you can make a large nest box and nail it about 20 feet up on a tree and a raccoon might make this his new home.

Some tips about feeding raccoons don't feed them every night because they can become a  problem to you. I usually feed them three or four times a week. Sometimes I even skip feeding them for up to a week so they don't get used to being feed every night.  Don't attract them too close to your house or they might start raiding your garbage cans. And DON'T TRY TO FEED WILD RACCOONS BY HAND they can get nasty if they want more food.


The name Raccoon comes from a North American Indian Word arough-can or arakun which means "he who scratches with his hands".

An interesting fact about raccoons is they do NOT wash their food before eating it.

Raccoons are not a true hibernator although he is much less active in the winter and can remain in their den for a month.

Raccoons make dens in trees , in burrows in the ground, or even in an chimney of someone's house. Most use old grounbdhog or fox dens .

There are six different species of raccoons.

In the wild they eat frogs, crayfish, berries, fruit, farmer's cornfields, small rodents, snails and fish.

Their natural enemies would be coyote or mountain lion or even eagles, but their main predator is man from hunting

Their babies are born in April or May and they usually have 4. They are helpless with their eyes closed until about 3 weeks. They start coming out of the nest at about 7 weeks but don't go hunting with Mom until about 9- 10 weeks old.

HELP! HELP!! - If you are a raccoon observer or have raised some by hand or know a lot about them we are conducting a survey about their average ring number, shape and size. We are also trying to find out if they get their rings characteristics from their mother or father. Please post what you have seen on the forum!

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Nature Eye Notes

To spot a raccoon in the wild look for raccoon tracks the front foot almost looks like a human hand the back foot is like a hand but with a longer oval palm. The tracks are usually paired with a front foot next to a back foot. They like to nest in holes of trees .  I look for a big tree with a branch that may have broken off. There may be a hole there. Sometimes the bark on the tree is scratched from the raccoon climbing it. Look for Raccoon hairs which are grey with black tips.

Also look for the earth dens they are using. Look for footprints in the dirt around the den


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