Attracting Rabbits/ Difference between a rabbit and a Hare/ Rabbit fun Facts / Nature Eye Notes

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First the difference between a Rabbit and a Hare


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1.Rabbits are born helpless, naked and with their eyes closed . They don't open them for several days

2 Their main features are for burrowing,

1. Hares are born with  hair, can see and run around

2 Their main features are for running very

FUN FACTS ABOUT RABBITS AND HARES Rabbits have huge ears so they can hear their enemies There are 44 different kinds around the world Snowshoe hares change from white to brown and back again they change color depending on how much sunlight there is and air temperature Rabbits usually have 4 liters a year with 4-5 babies in each, this is because the death rate almost matches the birth rate Rabbits with thump their feet to warn others of danger The eastern Cottontail is the most common rabbit of North America The new England Cottontail is very secretive and rarely leaves cover. Loss of Habitat is causing decreasing numbers of this rabbit While some rabbits are getting overpopulated and are considered pests others are almost extinct The Arctic Hare will sometimes hop along for a while on only its two back feet like a kangaroo A snowshoe hare back footprints look like a snowshoe.

Nature Eye Notes

To spot a rabbit you look for their eye!   This may sound crazy but their eyes are big and black and round. Their bodies are camouflaged, to blend in with the surroundings, so the eye is easier to see. Check in brushy areas with thick  undergrowth. Sometimes they sleep in high grass and you can find the hollowed out area where they slept. You can find these under bushes as well. Look for rabbit tracks and rabbit hair too. You can even look for nibbled twigs the rabbit has eaten

If you see a rabbit don't stop walking, as long as you keep walking the rabbit thinks you don't see him and he will remain frozen.   As soon as you stop, the rabbit will realize he's been spotted and run away.