Wildlife Pictures

If you have a great wildlife photograph( or even a not so great one) that you took and would like the world to see I will post it for you here for free. It is so nice for people to share their nature experiences with others who may not be able to see these things.I am trying to get a submission of all animals from around the world. Like a nature experience zoo for kids to see but the animals remain in their natural habitats. They can read about your experience and imagine themselves there. To add your wildlife picture just send the photograph as an attachment in an e-mail to me and a little bit of information about the picture! Click On a thumbnail to see the picture larger!!!!

Texas Long- Nose Snake

Submitted by

Tres Hefter

Pa290022.bmp (437979 bytes)

This is my Texas Long-nosed Snake (Rhinocheilus lecontei tessellatus). This snake is a wild-caught male near Big Bend, Texas in July 2000. He is feeding voraciously on baby mice. I hope to be one of the first people to breed these in the U.S. by next summer. The photo was taken near my house in Central Texas. This snake is currently around 30" in length.

Wild Turkey

from Francis Piriano

I have these (and other turkeys) in my yard every morning. They peck at the door if I don't feed them quick enough. Living in the 'boondocks'of the Pocono Mountains, I have many animals in my yard. Thanks Francis he is amazing!

turkeys.bmp (1591434 bytes)

Black Bear

Also from Francis Piriano

bear.bmp (531510 bytes)

Here is a bear that was just in my back yard. I got it to pose for me. what do you think? The wire  hangs 5 feet on the tree, so it will give you an idea how big it is.There were two but all the pictures with both were a bit blurry.All together I took about 25 pictures. 

      Wow Francis what a wonderful yard you have!!!!!   I think I would have been a bit scared to get that close to take such a great picture.. The bear looks huge!!!!!!!!!

More pictures from Fran


Dcp_1573.tif (1018094 bytes)


Dcp_1865.tif (1225494 bytes)


turtle.bmp (124191 bytes)

Thanks Again for the fabulous pictures


submitted by Lynn Schara


bison11--sm pic.tif (423612 bytes) bison15-sm pic.tif (463640 bytes)Fred the bison.tif (677270 bytes)

The following photos were taken in May 2000 at our friends Bison Ranch in Northwest Wisconsin. They have about 130 bison on their ranch (farm) and his brother has 80 more on his farm about 4 miles away. They got into this as a hobby because Lee was interested in the Old West and it has turned into a business. They give tours on their farm and answer all your questions and give you much information. Their kids pick up the shed wool for a woman that spins her own yarn and they get paid $10 per pound. We were there just after the calves were born. Did you know that bison have a straight spine and that the hump is all muscle? Or that they can jump a 6 foot fence from a standing position? Or that they can out run a horse? They are amazing animals and I'm glad that Lee and Mary are making sure that they remain a part of American history!

     Thanks Lynn it sounds like a really great place to visit! You pictures are beautiful!!!!!!

Grey Fox

submitted by Laura

fox3.bmp (12300 bytes)

He and his mother frequently nap on the large, shaded, cool stucco window rest of my bathroom window. You can imagine my surprise when I walked in after being gone for several days and found him sleeping among my hair bows! (not to mention trying to figure out how to disinfect all the bows that go in my hair!) He was not near as startled as I. Being very silent, I quickly grabbed my camera I took on vacation and managed to get this before he hopped out the window.My once-in-a-lifetime photo

Super picture Laura I love it!!!!!!!!

A Rattlesnake

submitted by Meg AKA raccoonlady

rattler1.bmp (28374 bytes)

These are not exactly backyard visitors to me here in North Carolina, but I took them in Arizona when I was out there a couple of years ago. My husband and I were exploring a four-wheel drive backroad in the desert around the ghost town of Gleeson when we spied this Western Diamondback Rattlesnake crawling out into the road. We stopped to watch and photograph it. I was a little shaky while taking the picture...couldn't get any closer without feeling I was in danger! It doesn't look like it here, but this was a BIG snake!!!!!

      Thanks Meg I don't know if I would have even gotten as close as you! That is a great picture


Also submitted by my North Carolina Nature Pal Meg

roadrunn.bmp (19618 bytes)

Right as I snapped the picture above of the rattlesnake. I heard a noise beside me. It was the Roadrunner (a MUCH better photo!) in a shrub growing a the road's edge. We watched for a while, but nothing was happening....the bird was eyeing the snake, and the snake was was eyeing the bird! We drove on down the road a ways (out of striking distance) and stopped again. When I looked back, the Roadrunner had hopped down and was attacking the Rattler in a wild frenzy. It finally killed it! WOW! All the pictures that I took of this battle turned out very fuzzy...the two of them were really flopping around all over the road! I wish they had been good, because this was the only Roadrunner I have seen in three trips to Arizona! He was absolutely beautiful!

I have never seen a roadrunner Meg,he is beautiful! Thanks for sharing all your nature experiences and great photo's with me and everyone around the world!

Buffy the Baby  Squirrel

submitted by Lori from NYC

BUFFY #1.bmp (26896 bytes) BUFFY #2.bmp (49285 bytes)

I thought you would like to hear our story from the city. Here is a squirrel  that we raised from a month old (see below). It fell off our roof which was two stories high. I live in Brooklyn, NY which is mostly apartment houses. I fed it baby formula with an eye dropper, then rabbit food mixed with it, then he was able to eat nuts at about two months. We kept him in a box in our garage until he started to eat his way out of the box. We were able to pet him like a cat without him biting. He wouldn't even bite the glove if we wore it. The only thing we were worrying about was rabies. About a week ago he would leave the garage through the roof and then come back at night when we would open the garage door, but now he hasn't been back for about four days. We miss his terribly. We even named him Buffy. We do hope he will come back, but we don't think so.

Thanks Lori I hope Buffy comes back for a visit soon!

Baby Raccoon

submitted by CoonieMom

babyraccoons.bmp (151485 bytes)

That little orphan coon is just here for a while till he is eating on his own then he will go to a rehabilitator. He was really sick with an intestinal infection and a deformed ear-but he's doing good now.

Thanks he is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!


Submitted by Travis

grasshopper.bmp (15819 bytes)

Hi , my favorite backyard wildlife are insects. I love bugs.  Here is a grasshopper picture that I took in my backyard.

Thanks Travis that is a great picture

Baby Robin Red Breasts

submitted by Paul from Wisconsin

babyrobins.bmp (284715 bytes)

Paul lives in Cedarburg ,Wisconsin. These are the best baby Robins and robin nest pictures I have ever seen. Go ahead click above to see them close up and cool.

Thanks Paul that is one great picture!

Squirrel on squirrel feeder

Submitted by Nancy in Rhode Island

squirrelfeeder.bmp (76743 bytes)

The pictures of  the squirrels on the birdfeeder are through our back window, during the snowiest winter in RI recently, I think in'95. The feeder couldn't take the weight of the snow (it snowed moreafter the picture was taken), and collapsed during the night.The next year we got a feeder especially for the squirrels. They mostly leave the birdseed alone now, they like sunflower seeds, dried corn and peanuts better (Walmart carries this mix).

Thanks Nancy that is a great squirrel picture


Submitted by Jim

buffalo.bmp (13276 bytes)

I was traveling across the United States last summer and I encountered many herds of buffalo. Sometimes there would be up to fifty traveling together , sometimes two or three and even ones alone. They were very exciting to see.They looked so powerful and strong.They were massive and you could get so close to them. Sometimes it was even a bit scary when I was walking along and would come across two or three and they would look at me with their big black eyes. This picture was from the Badlands in South Dakota.

Thanks Jim I never saw a buffalo in real life in the wild! Maybe one day I will!


submitted by  Kjell Karlsson from the  North Arctic Circle

reindeer.bmp (97121 bytes)

A Reindeer can you imagine! Walking down your street! Wow!

We live about 180 km south from the North Arctic Circle in a place name KALIX. So we say that we live in the north of Sweden. It is special people who have reindeers, they have them as a job they work and live with them up in our Swedish mountain. The special people  are called Laplander and in  Sweden we call them "Same" or "Lapp" .

Lion and Tiger

lionandtiger.bmp (31021 bytes)

This is Kodiak a male African lion about 15 years old  you can hear his roar as far as 5 miles away!Bigfoot a tiger half Bengal and half Siberian also 15 years old he loves to play in the water and weighs over 600lbs. these two live together. I got this photograph when I was doing a public tour and somebody handed me their camera and asked me to get a closer picture. I took it though the fence.

Thanks Noah that is one awesome picture!


submitted by himself TAZ and his Mom Eve

taz.bmp (186507 bytes)

Although I am a house coonie now, here is a picture when I was outside playing in the tree by my house..


He has his own website if you would like to check it out

thanks Taz and Eve for your submission he sure looks fun

Palm Sized Mallard Duck

submitted by Denise

babymallard.bmp (6756 bytes)

I have a pond where I live and one day I  was walking along the edge and hobbling along with a limp was this baby mallard duck. I looked and looked for the mother and she was no where to be found. I waited and waited for her return and she never did. I  raised this baby duck by hand and he still swims at my pond! I call him Hobbles because he still walks funny till this day. He loves to eat bread I throw into the water.

Thanks for your submission Denise he is so cute!!!!


submitted by Henry

This may not look like a large iguana in the picture but she was about four feet long! I was sitting on a beach in the British Virgin Islands and looked to my left and there it was. I jumped up mostly out of fear and scared the iguana more than it scared me. She ran onto a rock and just stood looking at me. I slowly walked closer and closer a bit nervous about it and she stayed there until I took about six pictures. She was posing for the camera I guess. This picture was the closest I got which was about 3 feet away! Then the iguana just walked off into the brush.

Thanks for your submission Henry I think I would have been startled too!!!!

Grey Squirrel

Submitted by Alyssa

This is a picture of a grey squirrel that comes to eat from my bird feeder I have hanging in a tree in my yard. At first he would run away every time I went in my yard. Then I started leaving him peanuts to eat which he loves! Gradually over time he became less and less afraid of me. Now I can feed him right out of my hand!I have named him "Nuts".  I love to watch his antics trying to get into my bird feeders. Squirrels can figure out almost any bird feeder over time I think.

Thanks Alyssa. Your picture shows just how agile squirrels can be look at that branch he is on!

Babe the Raccoon

This is one of my favorite raccoon visitors.  His name is "BABE" and he lives high up in the North Carolina mountains.  He was born in the spring of 1996. His mother's name is "MAGGIE," and she is my all-time sweetie!  "BABE" has two sisters, "MARILYN" and "LIZZIE," and two brothers, "FOXY" and "FRECKLES." 
Although "BABE" is a wild raccoon, as all of mine are, he loves people.  But, most of all, he loves marshmallows!  He will stand in my window and tap on the glass until I bring him a treat

Thanks for your submission Meg! What a great picture! I can see he loves marshmallows


Baby Great Horned Owl

submitted by Lindsay

Great Horned Owl- Hi this is Lindsay I thought I would add the first picture here. This is a baby 3 week old great horned owl. The mother made a nest in a tree in our yard. We watched her sit on the egg for weeks and one day we saw a little head pop up. After about two weeks the baby would climb out of the nest onto the branch. My Dad climbed a tree that was right next to the tree the baby was in when the mother was looking for food and got this picture. I don't recommend doing this since great horned owls can be very protective of their young and have very strong beaks and claws.In fact a they say a great horned owls talons can pierce a human skull..My dad is like crocodile hunter a nature nut..

We have the picture hanging in our house, it is one of our favorite wild life photographs.

Black Bear

submitted by Meg ( AKA Raccoonldy)

This is a black bear , his name is POOH. He came 3 times last year. He's a fairly small bear...comes up a little above my waist. By his size and my research, I would say he is about 3 years old. He always comes up to the front screen door to let us know he's here! He doesn't mind me following him around...I just wish he would come in broad daylight! His photos lack sharpness... black bear, dark morning or evening...always have the WRONG film in the camera

Thanks for your submission Meg I think the picture is just perfect! I wish I had Bears!!!!


Screech Owl Red Phase

submitted by me


Hi Lindsay here.. I just had one of the greatest nature experiences. (3/17/99) I was riding my bike and I went exploring in a field . I came across this sleeping owl. He was in a tree only about 12 feet up! I felt like I could almost touch him!!I t was so cool!! I rode home as fast as I could and got my Mom with her camera. The owl just kept on sleeping in this tree, until that is my younger brother made too much noise!