Orphaned Animals

If you see a baby animal in your yard or in the wild alone it is probably not orphaned!!!! Do not touch it or remove it from the site. Get your parents and then watch from a safe distance. Far enough so you do not to scare the mother animal away. She is probably out eating herself and waiting for you to leave to return. While waiting and watching make sure your pets or other peoples pets don't harm it.

Some Facts

Deer leave their young all day to protect them. Small fawns have no scent and predators will smell the mother so she leaves it in the grass alone in the day. She will come back for them at dusk and probably move them to a new spot.

Some birds leave their nests all day too, to find food

Wildlife babies can be returned to their nests even after being touched by humans. If you find a baby bird fallen from its nest put it back in the nest. If the nest is destroyed make a new one from a margarine container or something like that and put it in the tree. Make some holes in the bottom and put some paper towels in it. You can even make a nest yourself  out of dried grass and put it in the tree as high as you safely can.

It is probably  illegal to keep a wild animal without   permits.

Use caution when handling all wildlife. Even babies can be dangerous and bite.

Wild animals are very difficult to take care of and if feed the wrong thing or  they are not taken care of properly they will die.

Always wash your hands after handling wildlife. Wildlife can carry diseases which can be transmitted to people.

Raising a wild animal by hand is not good for the animal. They need to be taught to survive by watching their parents.They need to learn where the food is in their habitat. If a human raises them they are never really afraid of humans and don't learn proper survival skills. Many animals raised by hand die when released into a strange wild area, they don't know how to find food, where to find food and get into fights with the native animals that live there.

What to do if you are positive it is an orphan HELP IT!! First get it warm and dry, a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel works great. Put in in a box. Place it in a quiet dark part of your house. Give it only water until you call a wildlife rehabilitor to find out what to feed it, there are many links on the internet too, that will tell you the proper food. You can also call your local humane society or a veterinarian they will help. All these people know the best ways to help orphaned animals and try and get them into the wild as best as possible.