Mystery Animal

Hi, it's Lindsay again. I don't think you will be able to attract this one. Not because it is hard to attract. They are easy to attract. It is a scavenger like the raccoon. The reason is that a lot of parents won't ALLOW you to do this one!!! Can you guess what it is yet. One more hint they are not very colorful, and could be mistaken for a character on black and white TV.... Guess it yet????? It is the one and only... the skunk!

You may think I am crazy because I attract skunks, but as crazy as it may sound, skunks don't like their smell as much as we don't!!! Therefor they really don't like to spray but they will if you scare them. If you do attract skunks don't worry they will give you many signs before they spray!! First they will stomp both of their front feet. Next they will turn around and lift their tail in the air, but they won't put the tip up. Then they will put the tip of their tail in the air. Last they will spray!!!!! To get away NEVER run. Walk slowly, you can even say things like oh little skunk, I won't hurt you. Don't forget to say it softly and slowly. It is best to start your get away before the tip of the tail goes up, probably best when they stomp their front feet at you. I made an great animation of this so you will know exactly what to look for ... to see it click here SKUNK SPRAY

Fun Skunk Facts

Skunks are the most common carriers of rabies in the US. Skunks sleep together in underground dens in winter, sometimes in large groups of over 10 skunks in one den, I have heard of one den that had 25 skunks sleeping in it. Once in a while a skunk is born with only a patch of white on it's head, fur trappers call this skunk a "Star Skunk" One of the ingredients of some expensive perfumes is skunk essence Skunks can aim their spray, they usually aim for the eyes and face Skunks don't watch for cars before crossing the road, probably because they are used to everything getting out of the way for them.

Skunks have poor eyesight Skunks have long and strong front claws that they use for digging, sometimes skunks dig holes in peoples lawns looking for grubs When skunks get into a fight, they will sometimes spray each other Baby skunks are born in May-June and can spray when they are 4 weeks old. Skunks usually do not come out during the day but sometimes young skunks are seen in the day hunting for food. That is because they are not good hunters yet and they didn't get enough to eat at night and they are still hungry.

Skunk Problems
If you have skunks under your porch you can put some rags soaked in ammonia under there and they will leave because they hate the smell. Once they are gone seal the entrance that they were getting in. If it is spring make sure you leave the mother enough time to move the babies. Moth balls work too but you have to use so many to get the right amount of smell and also they are flamable