My Credit

I would like to thank some special people for their help. First my mom who spends a lot of time working with me on my web page, she taught me how to make one.(P.S. it is easy anyone can do it). She also let me use her digital camera, which I use for all my photographs . Second these two very special ladies in this picture with me (that's me in the big chair by the way, when I was 9. I am 10 now)Barbara Dyett the Chief of Staff of the NJ Department of Labor and Doreen Clegg the NJ Department of Labor Webmaster.( they gave me a really great program for making web pages and lots of advice) Finally I want to say thanks Dad for teaching me about wildlife( He taught me everything I know) and for always keeping wildlife watching so exciting.

Ohh yes one more......I would like to say thank you to all of those nature lovers who visit my page, post on it, and write such nice things to me, that is what makes it all worth while!!!!

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