Attract A Chipmunk/ Chipmunk Fun Facts

Attract A Chipmunk

Hi! Chipmunks are sooooo cute! They are a thrill to see in your yard. They are a kind of ground squirrel even though they do climb trees. They like to eat seeds, (sunflower seeds especially), peanut butter, strawberries, and things like that. They have pouches in their cheeks. They put a lot of food in their mouths and then take it to store it in their burrow. If you want to attract them you should put out ground feeders, they are feeders that you don't hang up you just set it on the ground. Fill the feeder with bird seed.

Here is how to make a ground feeder. First of all, you should have a parent helping you. After you get one of them to help you get a bucket that has a lid. Next drill some holes around the bottom where the seeds can pour out. That is the part you might need help on. Now put some seeds in it and put the lid on. If you want it to be a hanging feeder you can screw a garbage can lid to the bottom. It makes a great feeder and it works!

Chipmunk Facts

Some interesting facts about chipmunks They got their name from the Indians, it means "head first"which is the way they climb down from trees They like to stay on the ground but they do climb trees to get nuts and to escape from enemies. Chipmunks usually stay within one acre of their home.


Here is a chipmunk den.. The opening is small, that is a quarter in the picture. You can tell this one is very active because of all the fresh dug dirt. If you want to see it bigger just click on it.