This one is definitely not my moms favorite! It took me and my dad a long time to convince her to let me set up a bat house. Bats really are great. They eat more insects in one night than any kind of bug zapper you can get. Bats are found all over so anyone can attract bats. They are afraid of you and don't bite either. To attract bats it is best to build a bat box. Some tips about bat boxes are put the box in a tree with very few branches and leaves, and be patient it takes a while for bats to find their new home. If you want to build a bat box the plans are on the bat box plans page below, a picture of my bat box is there too. There is also information on placement of your bat box


Fun Bat Facts

  • An interesting fact about bats is they are the only mammal that can fly.( a flying squirrel really glides)

  • there are 1000 species of bats

  • some bats fish by catching them with their hook shaped claws

  • Vampire bats of South America really do suck blood

  • The biggest bat is the Flying Fox. It is as big as my dog Allie with wings 6 feet across. They live in Asia Africa and Australia. If anyone has a picture of this bat Please Please send it!!!

  • some bats hover near flowers and sip the nectar

Don't let any of this scare you from attracting bats they are one of my favorite backyard wildlife. Me and my brother shoot bugs into the air and they swoop down and eat them. You can do this with a plastic spoon or a sling shot. It is so much fun!