Animated Logo

Please take the time to wait for this to load it is really great,while this is loading you can read below about how to make an animation( Ps it takes about two minutes for this to load all the way but you can of watch how all the pictures I drew come together to make the end result)

To make an animation you first have to have a drawing program. Like kid pix or anything you can draw on.You need to make a series of pictures. The first one for instance above has just my name on it. Next you can use stamps or start to draw something . Then you save this picture as a file name . I usually save the first picture as something I can remember like raccoon. Then the next picture that I know will be the the beginning of the of the animation I name raccoon1. You need to slowly start moving the image or changing the drawing a little at a time saving each drawing as raccoon 2 raccoon 3 etc so you remember which comes next. Once you have made all your drawings, you need to have an animation program. There is a great shareware program called gif construction set from .

Once you get this program all you do is click to add each one of your pictures and it puts it all together for you. It really is great. My Mom called them and paid for it because it is the best you will find! If you use it on a web site it is the right thing to do.